Following in the footsteps of the folk tradition, but decidedly veering down a new path, Anna Gordon (Seattle, WA) writes ethereal folk songs laden heavy with storyful lyrics. In an effort to express utmost vulnerability, Anna’s writing speaks of intimate truths and deep, dark waters. Her life story is told through her lyrics, dealing with the muddiness of love and relationships, the struggle for self-actualization, processing death, poverty, sickness, and finding home. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, waxing and waning between brutal power and extreme delicacy, curving artfully through the landscapes her lyrics evoke.

Though her songs are deeply personal, they are widely resonant. Feeling most at home in the natural world, her experiences are often steeped in metaphors of forests, bodies of water, and the star-studded heavens. She is influenced by her traditional folk predecessors and other folk-influenced musicians like Joanna Newsom, Joni Mitchell, Karen Dalton, Nick Drake, and Townes Van Zandt. At the age of fourteen, she picked up a guitar and began adapting the poems and lyrics she’d been writing for years into sweet little folk tunes. One year later she began playing shows, and hasn’t stopped since. Based out of Seattle, Washington, she has performed at the CMJ Music Marathon, Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle Acoustic Festival, and in-studio at KAOS Olympia and WERS Boston. Her discography includes her 2015 EP, Tuck Your Bones In, while her debut full-length album, Fern Canyon is out Fall 2018 on Spirit House Records.

Anna Gordon is known for the magnetism of her live performances. Her solo performances are captivating and immersive, able to harness the attention of an entire room with just her voice and acoustic guitar. In the realm of recording, Anna is able to manifest the scores and lush compositions heard in her head, layering vocal harmonies and other instrumentation.

Her most recent effort, Fern Canyon, is her debut full-length album, out Fall 2018 on Spirit House Records. Named after a lush and beautiful fern-carpeted canyon in the California Redwoods, Fern Canyon encourages the listener to envision one such place while listening. Through the eye of the natural world, the songs expand on universal and common experiences that happen within our tangible worlds - coming of age, inevitable death, love and heartbreak, mental & chronic health issues, homelessness, and addiction. Recorded in little wooden cabins in the Pacific Northwest, Fern Canyon is as naked and honest as they come. Anna’s delicate fingerpicked guitar is masterful, and her mesmerizing voice weaves through the instrumentation with ease and grace.


What people are saying:

Fern Canyon is an album that looks inwards, mining for poetic gems and placing them along moody melodies and sweet harmonies. It is authentic folk, for those looking for some kind of escape, that is strongest when at its most complex.
Exclaim! 10/31/18
It is said that your branches will never reach the heights of heaven if your roots don’t ground themselves in hell, and Anna Gordon holds your hand while she takes you down the dark crevices of your heart that you are unwilling to visit on your own.
Dan's Tunes Seattle 10/31/18
Anna Gordon distills stories that might appear sweet as her singing might suggest. But we must be wary of this pleasant voice and this musical accompaniment, everything is not as rosy and sweet as these folk songs might suggest on first listen.
Music, Books, and Poems (French blog)
In “Bury Me High” folk musician Anna Gordon lays out her wishes for how her loved ones might treat her body when she passes through the veil. She...wishes not to be buried but rather burned to ash and spread in a place of personal significance... It also opens quite a beautiful opportunity to scatter those ashes in all the places where she lived her happiest days in a kind of eternal walking tour of her warmest moments… The beauty of the idea is undeniable, is it not?
It’s not often that a singer comes along whose voice soars as poignantly as her messages. Anna Gordon is a gem of a singer-songwriter with a breadth of deep, soulful ballads that are steeped in wisdom beyond her years. Her songs are her stories, and her stories are melodically told through verses that are both deeply personal and widely resonant.
— Elijah Dhawan, Director, Seattle Acoustic Festival & Member, Northwest Folklife Board of Directors